Imagine a world running on hydrogen: Environmental pollution will no longer be a concern. Every nation will have all the energy it needs available within its borders. Personal transportation will be cheaper to operate and easier to maintain. Economic, financial, and intellectual resources devoted today to acquiring adequate energy resources and to handling environmental issues will be turned to other productive tasks for the benefit of the people.

Hydrogen sulphide from the Black Sea

The presence of Hydrogen sulphide is one of the most well known and unusual properties of the Black Sea. But the surplus of hydrogen sulphide lies deep in the waters, in the oxygen-poor and lifeless bottom of the Black Sea. In fact, at depths from 200 meters to the bottom, only the hydrogen sulphide-producing bacteria survive. There is no sea in the world as rich in hydrogen sulphide as the Black Sea.

Hydrogen sulphide in The Black Sea can be used towards furthering the interests of all inhabitants of Earth. Moscow-based company VIMIS LTD was opened in January 2010 by Gennadiy Bugrin the General Director, with the goal to capture hydrogen sulphide from the Black Sea and subsequently isolate hydrogen for use in energy production. VIMIS LTD employs highly-skilled engineers and scientists who have performed research and experiments on the extraction and processing of hydrogen and sulphide.

At the present time, nobody in the world has as effective technology as VIMIS LTD for work on this type of project. VIMIS LTD has the solution to a problem that at the current moment no one in the world is working on due to a lack of technology and research, and more likely because of a lack of knowledge of the opportunity the Black Sea has to offer towards providing a new energy source.


The 5 most important benefits of our Technology for generating renewable, carbon-free hydrogen :

1. Hydrogen from the Black Sea is a new and efficient source of energy.

2. Hydrogen helps fight climate change.

3. Hydrogen will reduce pollution.

4. Hydrogen makes a significant contribution to development.

5. Hydrogen means clean, affordable power.

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