Why did it snow Russia in and flood Europe?

Strong frosts and abnormal snowfalls in Europe and Russia are a consequence of global climate change on a planet. To such conclusion the head of climatic program WWF (the World fund of the wild nature) Russia Alexey Kokorin has come.
As he said, to speak about global warming from the scientific point of view not absolutely truly – will speak more correctly about global climate change. He asserts that these changes have been caused by increase in concentration of carbonic gas in atmosphere as a result of anthropogenous influence.
“If we conclude in this system there is more than energy, more truly, we do not allow to it to leave, because of the amplified greenhouse effect all internal climatic processes in system become stronger. These are oscillatory processes, therefore and the strongest snowfalls in Europe as the abnormal phenomena, and the abnormal phenomena in Russia which as expect, will increase, is all links of the same chain”, – Kokorin has explained. “It is necessary to understand that this climate change, its disbalance, instead of global warming about which so like to speak”, – he has underlined.
As the head of the power program of Green Peace of Russia Vladimir Tchuprov has told “Yтру”, snowfalls and frosts, which are observed now in Europe and the Russian Federations rather unusual if to analyse the last 10 – 20 years, and it is result of disbalance of a climate. “All speak about Global warming, and behind a window-20°S,-30°S,-40°S, on Yamal in general is -52°S. But it besides result of global climate change, where global warming – only one of the signs that present snowfalls and waves of cold atmospheric air mean that the next summer will be hotter”, – Tchuprov had said.
Disbalance of the climate has resulted in such jumps of temperatures, deposits and weather surprises owing to activity of the person. “This shift, that is heating the atmosphere, has resulted from that ecosystems hotbed emissions began to absorb in a large quantity. Atmospheric currents change, probably even oceanic currents, as a result we have that we have”, – Tchuprov has concluded on this.
Recently the snow elements have fallen upon countries of Western Europe. Thousand people have been compelled to spend many hours at the airports and at stations, waiting departures of the planes and trains, or to be at home, being afraid of enormous stoppers on highways.
Germany has got to the power of the snow atmospheric front which has received a name “Dejzi”. As a result of loss of a considerable quantity of deposits on Saturday movement even on large highways in the north of the country has appeared blocked, and hundreds motorists had to spend the night in cars. On Sunday the snowfall has proceeded – in Berlin and Leipzig the thickness of a snow cover has made 27 and 29 sqare meters.
Because of bad weather on roads of Germany to last days has occurred about thousand car accidents, many of which have ended with death of our people. Also air communication has been broken, The international airport largest in the country in Frankfurt on Saturday because of weather conditions couldn’t send 255 flights, even more 100 have been cancelled on that day.
Because of a six-one hour’s interval in work of the airport of Geneva in time take off for Russia eight flights couldn’t at once. About 1,8 thousand Russians have appeared are locked at the French airport of Chambery. All of them should go home that afternoon.
Great Britain where 29 persons became victims of abnormal frosts already suffers from weather surprises also. It is considered that this winter became for the United Kingdom the coldest for 30 years. On this particular day at the London Heathrow airport 50 flights have been cancelled, on the next day the situation did not change.